Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Photo credit Kelsey Hannah

Darkness: You never revealed me
                      I struggled to know my
                     SELF, you went on as silent as
                    the moon up, who never saw me
                     I am dried out waiting for silver dreams.

Mirror:       You think silver rays dispel you
                      you think I ignore you,
                      when the moon touches you
                      I see a thousand stars hidden
                       in your bosom, a whole universe!
                       I am limited, limited to the light
                      I shiver, the depth of your existence...
                       I am feverish, you frighten me as
                    DEEP as I admire you, I am feverish.

Darkness:  This was your silence?
                         I am puzzled...
                        light reveals me,
                        moon embraces me,
                        you are lost in me!

                         What I feel, words will never know
                         colors may never flow,
                         deep within words
                         deep within light,
                         where nothing remains
                          I prevail like absolute …
                           what will you call me?

Mirror:      I prefer silence, I prefer silence
                       I prefer you, I prefer truth
                      I prefer absoluteness
                       let me not limit you
                      I prefer silence.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A space to cherish

   (Painting by Sunita Khedekar)

Memories etched  so artfully
 brush strokes of yester years
 juxtaposed, tears and smiles
faded yellow turning to bright, so artfully
ridges and grooves between strokes
they pass between life, memory, and ecstasy
a cherished juvenescence, days chasing butterflies
wonder that haloed everything , the joy of living
grey colors invade without knocking
spring flies high leaving umber aches
butterfly memories still fresh, bold strokes
embracing white canvass, joys of life intact
memories etched so artfully
a space to cherish

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Early Morning Dilemma

Early morning’s silent roads longing for sky
A dreamy golden sky gazing at pensive trees
As if lost in the golden aura of morning rays
What secrets they exchange in silent notes,
Birds singing in joy, do they share their divine secrets?
I wish to be a bird, flying high in that golden aura
To hear them murmur what Eve and Adam forgot
I wish to sing passionately to evoke untouched love
That never begins and never ends, but pulsates
In every atom bound to the universe

Early morning’s silent roads, slowly waking
Waking to a bustling world full of contrasts
A man opening his shop, caged birds; silent
Beautiful, silent, so silently silent
I wish I never dreamed of divine love
Of singing out loud madly with flapping wings
Up in the sky among trees so pensive, living,
Living in love that emanates from every atom
Love that was silenced with serpentine darkness
The darkness where Eve and Adam were lost

I wish I never dreamed, for dreams are arsenic

Killing you slowly unless you rise up to live the dreams

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


The carousel of life
The way life goes
On and on, the way wind goes
Changing with terrain, with the sun and the moon
Like stars twinkling a million times
The way they vanish leaving no trace
The way river rushes splendidly
The way she dies with no water to raise her hopes
The way rain drenches every other grain
The way it leaves every one thirsty of a drop
The carousel of life
Of being alive
Celebration of exhalations and inhalations
And of the way each choose
Sometimes simply letting go is the jubilation
The euphoria of being alive
The merry-go-round of life
Of being and not being, at once
The carousel of life

Friday, 20 December 2013

An uninvited guest

Morning sometimes rushes
rushes in like a guest
  like a stubborn child;
black and white words
of price hike, rape, treachery
mixes in with the dough;
a bath of hot frothing thoughts;
breakfast seasoned with doubts;
tea spills over the wrist watch
while an outdated puffing black outstretch
carrying imported and outdated vehicles equally
lies between you and your destiny;
mornings are sometimes
uninvited guests.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Snow Flower

December, like a snow flower
 you touch with your cold fingers,
I surrender myself like a lost lover.
Your cold fingers playing violin
Like snow flowers showering;
Nostalgic dreams afloat
Of sunshine and rain,
They evoke moments,
Those pebbles I kept
On and on, building thoughts
Thoughts that never perish
Thoughts that make me…
I sleep in your cold hands,
December you play the songs
 of snow flowers...

 I sleep losing myself in you.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Clouds gather a storm,
I scatter my silence;
to drink in the raining sound,
to muster in the thunder storm.
Ions in me bond,
they cross across;
there up in the emptiness
reverberates all truth.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Newspaper flutters as my fan sings a lullaby,
days fly by, like dried out leaves, silently.
The firefly in the corner moves slowly,
the lizard moves much more slowly;
I shut my eyes to take in nothing
but dark blue .
My fan sings the lullaby,
 mind flutters up high
in chase of birds, birds that flew away;
horizon stretched far away,
crickets sing of gone days ,
rain rushes in wiping out muddied memories;
my fan sings a lullaby
I have a morning to wake up to.
 Newspaper flutters as my fan sings a lullaby.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A book

The day before yesterday
I got a book from my daddy
pink, yellow and so many colors,
and from  its third page flowed
a brook full of fishes, colorful
and from the fifth page grew
a blue sky so vast, clouds danced.

It took me to castles and mountains,
I met unicorns and angels,
stars came to me with lullabies,
I wished upon shooting stars.                                            
Elephants, lions, monkeys and deer,
they danced and slept with me,
friends and dreams and colors of hope.

The day before yesterday
my daddy gave me a book,
a book with a whole world ,
to me to grow up….

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