Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Moon Muse

Picture courtesy Google

she is a conjurer of magic, moving elegantly
along with every pair of eyes roving,
birthing dreams;
smoking confusions;
injecting fears;
stirring ecstasies;
moving every heart impishly
to all extremes of hidden desires;
unguarded souls drift away.
she plays with me with her schemes unfailingly;
her puffy whitish wings stirring dreams in me,
then hiding behind black mockeries in a wee
bit of playful grin, emerging without wings, at times,
she puts on halos calming me down to a saint
and she is the one who takes me to my beloved
on silent lonely nights;
she is the conjurer of magic, living on high castles
of mystic dreamy shades and silhouettes,
she is the conjurer of magic, black and white;
she is my partner in muse and fantasies.

Sunday, 28 August 2016


Picture courtesy Google

    the mystic colors and stars,
    the sparkles of my eyes
    reflecting; numerous globules
twinkling; endless milky way surges
fears and qualms; where do we belong?

from one dot to another
we move without directions;
the infant eyes wander
with mysterious wonder;
a more mature insight
fears, doubts, and dither;
 zero gravity?

so long as the colors of my eyes,
in my eyes, reflects all around me,
I may stagger, but I’ll stay;
stay to explore…

Wednesday, 24 August 2016